Turbot v3.68.0 Commercial & Gov Cloud Release

Added AWS > Kendra and AWS > WAF V2 IAM permissions. Fixed fetching the region from AWS real time events. Other fixes and improvements.


Release Date


Updated v3.65.0 Release Notes

The v3.65.0 release notes did not contain all of the changes that were published in that release. As of v3.68.0, the release notes have been updated to correctly reflect all of the changes included in that release.

AWS Services

  • Added: AWSKendra feature flag to enable AWS > Kendra.
  • Added: AWS > Kendra IAM permissions.
  • Added: AWSWAFV2 feature flag to enable AWS > WAF V2.
  • Added: AWS > WAF V2 IAM permissions.
  • Fixed: During testing we noticed that some AWS EventBridge events used for real time eventing no longer contain the ‘awsRegion’ field in the details. We’ve adjusted our event handler to use the top level ‘region’ field if the ‘awsRegion’ field does not exist.
  • Updated: AWS > CloudFormation IAM permissions type, tagging, stack set, stack instance, and stack drift actions.
  • Updated: AWS > EC2 IAM permissions with autoscaling instance refresh actions.
  • Updated: AWS > ElasticSearch IAM permissions with software update, service role, and cluster search connections (metadata only) actions.
  • Updated: AWS > SNS IAM permissions with tagging and permission (whitelisted) actions.

Policy Changes

  • Added: AWS > CloudFormation > Stack Set and Instance Management
  • Added: AWS > Kendra > Enabled
  • Added: AWS > Kendra > Rights
  • Added: AWS > SNS > Permission Management
  • Added: AWS > WAF V2 > Enabled
  • Added: AWS > WAF V2 > Rights
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