Extending Expiration Period of Turbot Access Keys

It is sometimes desirable to grant longer than usual expiration time on specific Turbot API access keys but not to all access keys.  This can be done using the Turbot Console.

  1. Login with a user that has Turbot/Admin at the Turbot level.
  2. Navigate to the Turbot level.  On the left side will be the usual resource hierarchy view of Clusters.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the resource hierarchy to the section titled Turbot. In the Turbot section there should be Group Profiles, Profiles and Resource Groups. Click on Profiles.
  4. Find the profile for the user who needs the longer API key expiration period. 
  5. Below the profile should be a list of Turbot API Access Keys and SSH Keys.  
  6. A choice needs to be made whether longer access keys will apply to the user or to a specific access key. Steps 7 and 8 are the same for a user or specific key.
  7. Click on the specific key then go to the policies tab.
  8. Search for "turbot key expiration" the click on Turbot > Directory > Profile Access Key Expiration Days.  The default "filter:important" does not show any policies on API access keys.
  9. Set a policy exception for the desired number of days.


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