Turbot v3.61.1 Commercial & Gov Cloud Release

Fixed AWS > EKS control creation and group profile deletion. Other fixes and improvements.


Release Date


AWS Services

  • Fixed: AWS > EC2 > Snapshot Approved to copy snapshot with a CMK.
  • Fixed: AWS > EKS Cluster controls to be created upon cluster creation and to wait to apply actions until the cluster is in an actionable state.
  • Fixed: AWS > ElastiCache Cluster Approved control to determine the control state immediately and wait to apply actions until the cluster is an an actionable state.
  • Fixed: AWS > IAM > User Access Key cleanup to properly build the URN that needs to be cleaned up.
  • Fixed: AWS > Organizations Enabled / Rights logic to properly determine if AWS > Organizations IAM permissions should be pushed to the AWS account.
  • Fixed: AWS > VPC > Security Group Rules Approved should not check rules that reference other security group rules for the minimum bitmask.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fixed: Activate Directory groups sync should properly escape commas in the DN.
  • Fixed: Group Profile syncing should properly execute the deletion of Group Profiles.
  • Fixed: Turbot DynamoDB On-Demand stack formatting error when the Packages flag is used.
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