Turbot v3.58.0 Commercial & Gov Cloud Release

We are currently not recommending any customer using SAML to update beyond 3.56.3. It has been discovered that a SAML library used in the Turbot AMI changed the response handling and causes SAML authentication to Turbot to fail. We are actively working on an update and expect a fix to be included in a forthcoming release.
Added IAM permissions for AWS > Service Quotes. Other fixes & improvements.


Release Date


AWS Services

  • Added: AWS > Service Quotas IAM permissions.

Policy Changes

  • Added: AWS > Service Quotas > Enabled
  • Added: AWS > Service Quotas > Regions
  • Added: AWS > Service Quotas > Rights

Other fixes & improvements

  • Added: The Include Raw Response option has been added to LDAP directories to allow for the use of the “_raw” field in the response object.
  • Updated: The Turbot CloudFormation template has been updated to only use on-demand DynamoDB tables, support encryption at rest for ElastiCache, and allow using spot instances for the Turbot workers.  For additional information on AWS Spot Instances, please refer to the Spot Instance Recommendations.
  • Updated: Allow the use of iam:PassRole to Turbot resources in the Turbot master account. Users must still have adequate permissions granted to them to be explicitly allowed the permission.
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