How can I see what Turbot is working on at a given moment of time?

Turbot is a massively parallel processing engine, at any given time, the master account workers are running hundreds to thousands of docker containers in parallel.  

You can sample the incoming requests/events via the Turbot-Q-Events queue: navigate to SQS in the Turbot master account, select the Turbot-Q-Events queue and then select the "View/Delete Messages" option under the "Actions" menu.

If you want to see what users have been doing in Turbot, go to CloudWatch > Logs > Turbot/AuditLog.  Click on the Blue "Search Log Group" button and then select the time-based filters on the top-right of the display to limit results for a specific amount of time (e.g. the 5m button only displays api requests that have occurred in the last 5 minutes.)

In addition, you can use the Turbot UI, for any level of the hierarchy, if you go to the Advanced Tab > Processes it will show any current processes that are running/stuck for that resource.


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