LDAP users do not populate when searching in permissions tab

Generally, all LDAP users can be searched through in the permissions tab. If LDAP settings are not configured correctly, however, sometimes groups will populate but users will not. 

Example of searching for a user in permissions tab:


If groups are populating but users are not, it is important to check LDAP directory settings within Turbot, specifically the User filter section

Navigate to the directory by clicking the Browse button then Go next to Turbot:

Next, click on the Advanced tab then Directories on the left side:

Find the LDAP directory in question and click on the pencil icon. Scroll down the window and expand the User Filters option:

Most of these settings can remain default. However, the User Search Attributes MUST be populated. The description states that the field is used to define the attributes that will be requested from the LDAP server.

To make things simple, the field can be populated with the string:

- '*'

Select Update at the bottom of the window, then head back over to the Permissions page to test it out. If users are still not populating, reach out to help@turbot.com for assistance.

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