Feature Flags for Turbot deployment

When setting up a Turbot master account in AWS, there is a field in the CloudFormation template titled Feature Flags. These flags define important properties and limits within Turbot, including enabling Azure features, BitBucket support, and Turbot Resource groups. When adding a new feature flag to an existing environment, a version upgrade is necessary, but the upgraded version does not have to be the most recent.

Generally, we suggest the following feature flags be enabled in the Turbot environment upon initialization:

  • Directories
  • MultiCluster
  • NetworkingGuardrails
  • ResourceGroups

However, the full list of feature flags is as follows:

Azure Enables Turbot Azure Features
CICD Enables Turbot Atlasssian Integration
CloudFormationTurbotResources Enables Configuration of Turbot via Cloudformation
Directories Enables Turbots Directory Model
GCP Enables Turbot Google Cloud Platform Features
Groups Enables Turbot Group Permission Features
MultiCluster Enables Turbot to have Multiple Clusters
NetworkingGuardrails Enables Turbot Networking Guardrails
PatchManagement Enables Patch Management via AWS SSM
GitServerType Enables Bitbucket Support for CMDB
ResourceGroups Enables Turbot Resource Group Model
WindowsCIS Enables Beta Support for Windows CIS Policies
AWSNetworkManager Enables guardrails for AWS Network Manager
AWSKeyspaces Enables guardrails for AWS Keyspaces


If there is interest in adding new feature flags to the Turbot environment, reach out to help@turbot.com and we would be happy to assist. 

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