Finding Turbot control logs in S3

Turbot stores all CloudTrail logs in S3 for auditing, debugging, and troubleshooting purposes. To access the log storage and find a specific control log, follow these steps:

1. Log into the Turbot master AWS account. Usually it is labeled aaa.

2. Go to S3

3. Find the bucket aaa-{region}-xxxxxxxxxxxx. Generally, Turbot is configured to log global cloud trails, thus the region will be whatever the default region is. 

4. Inside the bucket, click TurbotLogs.

5. Click Processes.

6. The alarm is labeled with an urn:


To get to the correct folder, take the first digit of the string, db6e8a25-a7bc-4da7-bd97-        67ef9db89c1d, which is d, and select that folder.

7. Get the second digit of the process id, in this case it is b, and click on that folder.

8. Using the full urn, a search can be done inside the bucket/folder to find the specific log. 


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