Managing Resource Groups for the Turbot Master account

By default, Turbot will restrict the resource groups that can be attached to the Master account. To attach a custom resource group, the policy:

Turbot > Internal > Turbot Master Resource Groups

must be modified.

  1. Click the browse button on the top of the Turbot UI and click the Go button to navigate to the Turbot level                                                                                                     
  2. Select the policies tab.
  3. Search for Turbot > Internal > Turbot Master Resource Groups.
  4. Click on New exception for Turbot.
  5. Click the link Load preset to load the default resource group.
  6. The format used is YAML. The Turbot urn of the resource group can be added with the format shown in the following screenshot:
  7. Click on the Create button. The custom resource group can now be attached to the Turbot Master account.


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