Deleting an account from Turbot

Deleting an account is a manual process that is generally not advised by Turbot. There is a high risk of error and usually companies would like to keep accounts for audit purposes. Only in very specific situations would a customer actually want to delete an account. The below paragraph can be copy pasted into an email or slack channel in response to a question about account deletion.

Turbot does not currently delete accounts. We advise customers to keep accounts for auditing purposes, but that being said in extreme circumstances it is possible to remove the accounts manually (i.e. a user would manually delete the resources). Our suggestion is to add a `~` to the account name to drop it to the bottom of the list and set the policy `Turbot > Environment > Maintenance Window` to `No changes`.

If a customer pushes back and really wants the account deleted, here are instructions so they can manually remove an account from Turbot. The account will not be removed from the Turbot UI, however.

Removing an Account

1. Elevate permissions in Turbot Master
2. Search in TurbotAccounts table for specific account ID
3. Delete the individual item for that account
4. Navigate in the Turbot UI to the account level:
5. Update the Account Name to "Deleted"
6. Generate AWS access keys for your Turbot Master Account
7. Update the tbot.cfg file in the package below.
8. Run the python script to delete per the README.MD file instructions
9. Can run multiple times until no records are found/deleted

If you will be reimporting this account into Turbot, ensure that all previous Turbot resources have been removed as described below.

Delete <account-id> Cloudformation Stack in each region
Delete Turbot Created Cloudtrails
Delete Turbot Created S3 Buckets 
Delete Turbot Created SQS Queues (all regions)
Delete Turbot Created SNS Topics (all regions)
Delete Turbot Created CloudWatch Logs/Alarms/Dashboards/Event Rules/Metrics
Delete Turbot Created IAM Roles 
Delete Turbot Created IAM Groups 
Delete Turbot Created IAM Users 
Delete Turbot Created EC2 Security Groups

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