Automate AMI approval in AWS

With the move to AWS and Turbot, automating steps in the deployment process is essential. This guide will show the steps to automate approving new AWS AMI's via Turbot's API.

Set up a script with the following API call:

POST if setting is a new value
PATCH if updating current value

URI: https://<url>/api/v3/resources/urn:turbot:<cluster-id>:<account-id>/policies/AWS:EC2:CurrentAMIs?exception=true

Example POST Data = {"requirement":"MUST","notes":"","expirationTimestamp":"","value":"- ami-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}

The following AWS documentation has more information regarding allowed AMIs:

Enforce Custom AMIs

Managing Controls for Custom EC2 AMIs

If there continues to be difficulties, please do not hesitate to reach out to 

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