What are the preferred naming standards in Turbot?

There are no naming standards Turbot requires a customer to follow, however we have recommended practices to follow for different naming schemes. For example:

  • Turbot Account IDs - For your Turbot Account ID (unique ID to identify accounts); we highly recommend a simple consecutive naming scheme; e.g. aaa, aab, aac, aad, etc. More information: What are Turbot account IDs (e.g. aaa, aab)?
  • Turbot / AWS Account Names - the AWS account name (metadata on your Account) can follow a number of different standards. Some examples we have seen work well in the past:
    • Blank Accounts (waiting for an application team to use):
      • Name the account with a symbol and the Turbot Account ID; ~ aaa, ~ aab, ~aac, etc.
      • Name the account with which region the primary VPC is associated to it: ~ Blank Account - US
    • Accounts that are being used:
      • App Name - Environment (e.g. BI Platform - Dev)
      • Department/Business Unit - App Name - Environment (e.g. R&D - BI Platform - Dev)
  • Instance Hostnames - if Turbot is managing your EC2 hostnames, there are naming schemes we recommend, more information: Server hostname scheme
  • S3 Bucket Names - if a standard naming scheme makes sense for the organization, consider a standard that adheres to your account structure:
    • Turbot Cluster Name-TurbotAccountID-App Name-Bucket Context (e.g. turbot-aab-biplatform-operationlogs)
    • Note: If you are unfamiliar with what your Turbot Cluster Name is, you can obtain this information from the ‘Title’ in the following Turbot API GET Request /api/v1/cluster
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