How can I validate YAML for Turbot options & configuration settings?

There are a few options within Turbot that uses YAML for the input of options (e.g. EC2 > Current AMIs) and configuration settings (e.g. Networks > {networkId} > Default Security Group).

YAML is a common universal markup language that is commonly used for configuration files. For options and configuration settings in Turbot using YAML, the following basic syntax is expected:

  • "#" pound symbol can be used for comments (e.g. #VPC Subnet is used for internal workloads)
  • "-" hyphen symbol can be used for listing items (e.g. -
  • For Line Breaks on the Turbot Console, you can simply hit “Enter” for the next line
  • For Line Breaks within an API call, use “\n” (e.g. {"dmz":"-\n-"}

Note: when making changes to YAML using the Turbot API rather than the Turbot Console, it can be helpful to validate your YAML before applying it. In those cases, please try testing your YAML using a tool such as Online YAML Parser for Javascript.

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