What operational logs does Turbot maintain for troubleshooting?

Turbot maintains detailed operational logs from it’s instances. This includes:

  • Turbot/Instance/Turbot - Turbot application information and error messages.
  • Turbot/Instance/LoadBalancer - Logs from the nginx load balancer used on each Turbot server.
  • Turbot/Instance/LoadBalancerConfig - Logs from the monitoring process to connect the load balancer to the Turbot application.
  • Turbot/Instance/Cache - Logs from the local Redis cache (used in single-instance Turbot instance installations only).

These operational logs are for debugging and investigation purposes and will not be commonly used or accessed by Cluster Administrators.

The Turbot operational logs are not yet made available by Turbot through the UI or API. Should you require access to these logs, they are stored in CloudWatch Logs groups by the names above in the Turbot Cluster Master AWS Account. This is of course limited to users with AWS/Logs/ReadOnly permissions or higher on the Cluster Master account.

To view the logs:

  1. Login to Turbot.
  2. Login to AWS of the Cluster Master account.
  3. Go to CloudWatch Logs.
  4. View the desired log group.
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