Where can I view an audit trail of Turbot actions?

All actions in Turbot are performed through the Turbot API. This includes actions by users in the web browser, right through to Turbot running background tasks at incredibly high volumes.

Every call to the Turbot API is recorded in the Turbot Audit Trail, stored in the CloudWatch Logs group called “Turbot/AuditTrail” in the Turbot Cluster Master AWS account.

The Turbot Audit Trail is not yet made available by Turbot through the UI or API, but can be accessed by users with AWS/Logs/ReadOnly permissions or higher on the Cluster Master account.

To view the Turbot audit trail:

  1. Login to Turbot.
  2. Login to AWS of the Cluster Master account.
  3. Go to CloudWatch Logs.
  4. View the group Turbot/AuditTrail.
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