Custom Security Group Management

There are a few different approaches teams can take to manage custom security groups through Turbot and AWS.

Default Security Group:

Default security groups are managed in Turbot through the Turbot Networks Admin Page. Per Network, Turbot Admins can associate a default security group that would be applied to all VPCs associated in that network. This allows for an easy to manage and consistent default security group across all VPCs in the same network definition.

Custom Egress Rules per VPC:

Within the Turbot Networks Admin Page, Turbot Admins can create egress rules per VPC from the option Custom Security Group Rules > Create Security Group Rule. This allows Admins to quickly assign an egress rule to the applicable VPC that is an addition to the default security group. Turbot will add the rules specifically to that VPCs default security group.

Custom Security Groups per Account:

Turbot Admins can allow for users with AWS/Admin or EC2/Admin permissions to manage their own security groups directly in AWS across one or many AWS accounts. Turbot Admins can enable this option through their EC2 Options > Custom Security Group Management. Once enabled, Turbot Admins can also define ingress and egress boundaries they want to restrict security groups to:

  • Custom Security Group Restrict To Zone - Custom security group ingress rules may only be added within the specified zone.
  • Custom Security Group Minimum Bitmask - Defines the smallest allowed bitmask (largest range of IP addresses) that can be granted access in any single custom security group ingress rule.
  • Custom Security Group Restrict Maximum Port Range - The maximum number of ports that may be opened by any single ingress rule in a security group.
  • Custom Security Group Blacklisted Ports - A YAML list of ports that are blacklisted and may not be used for ingress in custom security groups.

Custom Security Groups per Account using AWS/SuperUser:

As an Administrative backend approach when the above approaches are not appropriate, a Turbot Admin with AWS/SuperUser rights can login to the applicable Account with AWS SuperUser from the Turbot Accounts Admin Page to create custom security groups directly.

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