Turbot Overview

Overview of Turbot

Turbot (https://turbothq.com | AWS Advanced Technology Partner) automates your cloud ecosystem while elevating your team. Turbot provides enterprise guardrails for cloud infrastructure which allows Enterprises to achieve agility, ensure control, and accelerate best practices through continuous compliance & adherence of centrally defined policies across a multi-account AWS model. Turbot automates and enforces a combination of preventive and detective controls that provide guardrails at the Networking, Infrastructure, Operating System, Database, and Application layers while giving Application Teams direct access and management of their own AWS environment. Turbot allows the central IT team to depend on Turbot to automatically manage their cloud ecosystem while allowing them to focus less time managing their cloud platform and more time supporting their application teams.

Value of Turbot

  • Achieve Agility - Full power of AWS, OS, and DB made easier & faster.
  • Ensure Control - Enterprise guardrails across AWS, Networking, OS, DB, and application development.
  • Be Best Practice - Segregate applications while accelerating DevOps.

Key Features of Turbot

  • Real-time Policy Enforcement - point and click guardrails running in real-time to ensure control of your cloud ecosystem.
  • Real-time Event Management - visualize your AWS events, Turbot activity, CFN stacks, Ansible playbooks, and Terraform scripts in real-time across AWS Accounts and AWS Resources + full audit history of all configurations & events.
  • Consistent Identity & Access Management model across Turbot, AWS, OS, and DB tiers tied to Active Directory with fine grained permissions for temporary and permanent rights.
  • Multiple AWS Account Management - Separate apps into different AWS Accounts for easier management and control.
  • AWS Service Management - Turbot supports over 65+ AWS services with various best practice permissions, lockdown policies and 100s of automated compliance, security, and operational guardrails for AWS.
  • Managed Operating Systems - Turbot can enforce your own AMIs in AWS, and/or automatically harden your OS configurations per CIS Level Benchmarks, manage users from Active Directory, manage patching, and manage environment variables.
  • Managed Databases - Turbot can manage users from Active Directory on various RDS engines and Redshift, and also manage user activity audit logging.
  • Managed WorkSpaces - guardrails for WorkSpaces, Directory Services, WorkDocs, WorkMail, and WorkSpaces Application Manager across global and federated deployments of WorkSpaces.
  • Application Software Configuration Management - with our Ansible integration, you can manage custom application configurations across one or many AWS accounts where Turbot automatically enforces playbooks.
  • Network & Firewall Management - Simple, predefined security group rules, and network configurations automatically managed across accounts.
  • Cost Management Controls - full detailed showback costs per account along with budget tracking and alerting.
  • Audit Trail & Log Management - Ensure audit logging of all actions across AWS, OS, DB, networking & app development.
  • Data Protection - Automatic encryption, backup, rotation, and deletion protection for all data.
  • Monitoring - Automatic setup & removal of monitoring with centralized alarms & ticketing.
  • Turbot Controls Mapping - Turbot has mapped features with controls across multiple external frameworks such as NIST, HIPPA, PCI, etc. along with Enterprise’s internal controls & policies.
  • Turbot is API Driven - Turbot is an API service. The Turbot console (GUI) is a static webpage that integrates with the API directly.
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