Common Steps to Debug an AWS Access or Service Issue

Whenever an AWS Service is providing you an error message due to lack of permissions or service availability, there are a few common debugging steps to diagnose the issue.

Common actions to take when debugging:

  • Double-check what region you are located in AWS.
  • Make sure the service you are using is enabled in Turbot options - go to your Turbot account page and verify if the service is Enabled.
  • Verify you are logged in with the correct user - if you are switching users or roles, sometimes your session is still with the previous user you logged into AWS with. Double check in the upper right corner of the AWS console on what user you are logged in with.
  • Make sure you are not in an older session – try refreshing your browser to see if you are still in an active session.
  • Verify your user has permissions to use the AWS service you are trying to use
  • View what permissions you have in the Turbot console or through AWS IAM. Once in IAM, you can look into the whitelisting policy to verify if the permission is whitelisted, and also in the Admin or applicable service allow policy.

Try to isolate the problem further:

  • Any issues reported by AWS that maybe affecting the service:
  • Is this issue limited to only this user? Can you test with another resource with the same permissions?
  • Is this issue limited to only that account? Can you test same actions in another account?
  • Are the CloudFormation (CFN) Stacks in the account in a “failed” or “error” state? – there may have been an issue with the CFN stacks updating and could have configuration issues – contact support for further investigation
  • You can try using the IAM policy simulator to verify your actions
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