How can I view or document the Turbot master configuration & settings?


Turbot has a completely automated setup. The configuration is specified through CloudFormation and the infrastructure it creates is dynamic.

Turbot Software

The CloudFormation stack forms part of the Turbot product, which is version controlled and available on request from Turbot at any time. The Turbot software itself is distributed as a private AMI (Amazon Machine Image), with the software version clearly documented in the AMI name.

Customers can also view or backup their current Turbot configuration by viewing the Turbot-Console CloudFormation stack in the Turbot Master AWS account (typically with Turbot ID aaa). To obtain the template for your current Turbot configuration please:

  1. Login to the Turbot Console.
  2. Login to the AWS account for the Turbot Master.
  3. Go to CloudFormation.
  4. Open the Turbot-Console stack.
  5. View the Template to see the detailed stack that was run.
  6. View the Parameters to see configuration specific to your environment.

Network configuration for Turbot software

Turbot runs inside a VPC configuration which is typically created and managed by Turbot itself. There are two ways to capture information about this network configuration:

  1. Network & VPC configuration in Turbot.
  2. CloudFormation stack created in AWS by Turbot.

Turbot’s Network and VPC configuration is the true source of these settings, since those are used to create the CloudFormation stack that is applied in the account. To capture these settingsuse the Turbot console as follows:

  1. Login to Turbot as a Cluster Administrator.
  2. Go to ADMIN > Networks.
  3. Find the VPC for the Turbot Master (typically in account aaa).
  4. View or record the VPC settings.
  5. View or record the Network settings for the Network containing the appropriate VPC.

For more detailed configuration, please record the AWS network configuration as implemented by Turbot from the settings above. This is available by:

  1. Login to the Turbot Console as a Cluster Administrator.
  2. Login to the AWS account for the Turbot Master (normally aaa).
  3. Go to CloudFormation.
  4. Open the stack used to manage the VPC (often called aaausea1 or similar).
  5. View the Template to see the detailed stack that was run.

Network connection details

Often Turbot is connected back to the corporate network, so may have associated Direct Connect or VPN settings. Turbot currently automates all network settings up to the VGW (Virtual Gateway), but requires customer configuration (manual or automated) of everything from that point onwards including the Customer Gateway and VPN / Direct Connect.

Customers wishing to record settings should capture information or screenshots for the following items:

  1. Customer Gateway
  2. Direct Connect Connections
  3. VPNs
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