How do I use AWS Services which Turbot does not support yet?

In circumstances when a new AWS service or feature is just released or you would like to use an existing AWS service Turbot does not yet support, please reach out to Turbot Support to request the service to be added to Turbot. 

If you just want to quickly test an unsupported service, you can work with your Turbot Admins to gain access to your account with the elevated AWS Super User role. The AWS Super User role has *:* permissions in IAM without lockdown or whitelisting policies.

Please note: This process should be considered a sensitive break glass approach to entering in an account with elevated permissions without whitelisting or lockdown policies.

How to log in with AWS Super User:

  • User must have AWS/SuperUser permissions at the cluster level. A Turbot Administrator can assign this permission to the appropriate user from the Cluster User Admin page
  • Once the AWS/SuperUser permission is assigned, click on the AWS button next to the account in question
  • Turbot will then federate the user into the account assuming the AWS Super User Role.
  • Note: the session will be timed based access. Duration of time is configured through the Cluster Options page under Cluster > AWS Assume Role Timeout. More information about session timeouts, navigate to the help page on the Turbot UI and search for "Session timeouts." The article to find is titled Understanding Session Timeouts.
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