How do I add service users from Active Directory (AD) into Turbot?

In some cases you may want to add a Service User (a.k.a. System Account, Computer Account, Service Account, SA) to your Turbot Cluster – whether to run programmatic Turbot API commands, AWS API commands, SSH to your instance, or SQL commands to your DB. In any case, you can add a SA just like any other user in Turbot.

If you are using Turbot Local Directory, you can simply create a new user in the Cluster Admin Users page. In Version 3, this is done by going to the Turbot level, selecting the Advanced tab, then the Directories button, selecting the relevant directory, then selecting the New User button.

If you are using Turbot LDAP connectivity to your AD environment; you can lookup users from AD by clicking the “Add User” button. This can be found on the the Cluster Admin Users page or specifically for an account, through the Account’s dashboard page.

Although the intended use of the SA account may be to never login directly to the Turbot console, you will need to login at least once to initially create the Turbot API, AWS API, or SSH keys as appropriate.

Turbot supports SAML and AD integrations. For more information activating either of those integrations, contact

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