Turbot Version Upgrade

This guide outlines how to upgrade your Turbot cluster and verify the upgrade was successful afterward.


Your user will need AWS/SuperUser rights in the Turbot master account to perform the upgrade. It is best practice to make this grant temporary or deactivate it after performing the upgrade.

CloudFormation Template

Download the latest turbot-console.cfn.json template, which is currently provided by the Turbot team for each release. Generally, it can be found on the support.turbot.com page in the Announcement section.

Running the Upgrade

  1. Log in to the Turbot master account.
  2. Ensure you’re in the Turbot standard region.
  3. Go to the CloudFormation service.
  4. Locate the Turbot-Console stack and select it.
  5. Select Update Stack in the upper right hand corner.
  6. On the Select Template screen, select Upload a template to Amazon S3 and upload the latest turbot-console.cfn.json template.
  7. On the Specify Details screen:
    • Ensure that Version is set to the desired version.
    • Adjust the Web/Worker Desired Instances, Max Instances, and Min Instances parameters if required.
  8. On the Options screen, do not select or change anything.
  9. On the Review screen, under Capabilities, select I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names.
  10. Review the change set under Preview your changes and select Update when ready.

Monitoring the Upgrade

After the stack update has been initiated, CloudFormation will perform any changes, including provisioning new Turbot AMIs, adjusting auto-scaling policies, ELB configurations, and any other changes listed in the change set. All Turbot web and worker servers will be replaced with servers using the latest Turbot AMI through a rolling update, resulting in a zero downtime upgrade process.

If the stack’s status changes to UPDATE_ROLLBACK, please contact support and provide the details under the “Events” tab relating to the upgrade.

After the update is completed, the stack’s status will change to UPDATE_COMPLETE.

Verifying Successful Upgrade

After the upgrade is complete, there are a few checks to verify if everything was successful:

  • General
    • Navigate to /help/releases and verify the latest version’s notes are available.
    • Navigate to /api/latest/turbot/health and ensure all attributes are “OK”.
  • Console
    • Reload the Turbot console and browse through a few pages, noting any latency or errors.
    • Log out and back into the Turbot master account to verify AWS login functionality.
    • Check Turbot > Version policy to ensure it displays the correct number
  • AWS
    • Check no EC2 instances in the master account report failed status checks.
    • Check all Turbot web instances are attached and in service under the Turbot ELB.
    • Check if any SQS queues have > 1000 Messages Available.

As always, please reach out to help@turbot.com if there are any questions or issues.

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